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We can not fool the laws of the universe, so the sooner we are owning and transforming the shadows in our lives, the better life quality and the greater impact we can have on other people's lives and the world.

My purpose is to set light on the shadows and lovingly speak deeper truths.

I was a typical Mr Nice guy that encounter spirituality at an early age. I wanted to grow and tried to heal myself through doing personal development courses, therapy, and coaching educations. It helped, but I didn’t experience the quality of intimacy and presence that I was longing for.  I felt that sex (now I know that it was the ejaculations) made me weaker and I was losing my energy while I was in a relationship. 

When a relationship ended, I understood that I had to do something about it and I was ready for Tantra. I went on an intense journey. I learned to keep and circulate the sexual energy. I discovered so much more energy, became happier, the pain in my body and shame disappeared, and I lost weight.

I took more than 50 tantra workshops over a period of 4,5 years in my tantra school.  I become more confident around women and in my long-term relationship. I became more relaxed and happy with and within myself. I was then ready for the next step and I became a certified tantric bodyworker and began to give tantric massages to women, men and couples.

Still, life and tantra are so much more than sex. I chose to leave the tantra school in order to come back to my own heart and myself. It was too much focus on sex and it had some unhealthy power dynamics. I went to the jungle in Peru to study shamanism and plant medicine. Here I found my own voice and the confidence to start the Wildman. I have been facilitating menswork since 2006 and supported men to find their sovereign power, own their sexuality and becoming better lovers & partners. I still travel to Peru to study and do plant "dieta". It supports me to be true to my core.

Riihannon and I had been my friend for many years when she and Celestine invited me to join the creation of Tantric Sexology in 2021. I was so ready to take the next step on my journey to offer longer education to deeply committed people. 




Essence & Shadow work.
I am a lover of truth and love to support participants to heal any blockage/shadow that stops them from living their truest expression and soul alignment. I have a deep understanding of the ego pattern, archetype and trauma conditioning.

Support men to become Mature Tantric Lovers
Guide, especially men, into deep alignment to their body and with their masculine and feminine aspects, circulating sexual energy and becoming confident, relaxed tantric lovers.

Relationship Dynamic
I have created a relationship cycle model, where couples can get an overview of the inner dynamic of a relationship and remove obstacles and find tantric practices to find back to deeper intimacy in the relationship. 

☥ Trauma Work
Guiding how to remove trauma, stress and blockages and open the body through Tantric De-armouring and bodywork through pain and pleasure.

☥ Soul & Life Purpose
We need more people that dare to live their soul and life purpose. I love seeing people step out of their fear of sharing their soul gifts into the world and I take them on a journey to liberate their potential and gifts.

☥ Daily Individual Sadhana Practice
Hold container for disciplined tantric practice over time by doing morning practice, breathwork, and fasting to find the authentic power and alignment. 

☥ Trauma-Informed Plant Ceremonies
Hold a sacred container to release stress, pain and trauma and reconnect back to their soul purpose through shamanic plant medicine ceremonies.



☥ Founder and creator of Tantric Sexology Education in Human Evolutionary Academy - from 2021.

☥ Founder of the Wildman where guiding 100s of men to liberate their inner Wildman, becoming tantric lovers/partners and taking steps towards their Life Purpose - from 2016 -. 

☥ Approved integral sexologist at Human Education Group – DK – 2018.

☥ De-armouring Bodyworker with 9 years of experience in doing 1:1 sessions for women, men and couples. Certified tantra teacher and bodyworker The New Tantra in 2013, Sexual de-armouring training by Susanne Roursgaard. 

☥ Taking 70 different tantra courses with The New Tantra, David Cates – Belly2Belly and Betty Martin The Wheel of Consent and several other tantra teachers.

☥A 6-week dieta in 2022 in Peru and over a hundred plant medicine ceremonies as a spaceholder, assistant or participant.
☥ Shamanic initiation 10-week course in Peru 2016 by Ayahuasca Foundation.
☥ 1-year training: Rituals with The School of Movement Medicine/Yacov Darlin Khan + separate courses with different shamans.
☥ Holding sacred circles for small groups and individuals. 

Psychotherapy & Trauma Work
☥ Somatic Plant Medicine Integration eduction 2021.
☥ Leela Practitioner – self-inquiry, mindfulness, the Enneagram and NLP in 2004-2010
☥ Accredited Journey Therapist/Practitioner in 2003.
☥ NLP Practitioner – certified by Paradigm Academy in 2000.
☥ Archetype and shadow workshops (Jungian, Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette) with Eivind Skjellum – inner-throne and authentic relating.

Award-winning producer in Mpower Media/Empower Films
Making documentaries about people that have taken difficult, brave and controversial life choices. People who are willing to sacrifice their own needs and have the courage to challenge suppressive regimes and established truths in order to make a change. I have got the privilege to study some of the world's most respected leaders in our documentaries, persons like the Dalai Lama, Kiran Bedi, Marguerite Barankitse and Tsering Woeser. And also witness how brave monks and nuns in and outside Tibet, resisting fighters, concentration camp survivors, prisoners and other brave souls fighting for social justice, human rights and a better future for our world. Producer of The Best Norwegian Documentary, Amanda, in 2010.

Career Counselor for 10 years – Din Utvikling, Rektorskolen and Friskgården.
Master in Business and Marketing – BI – Norwegian Business School.

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