Dive Deeper with us into Tantric Sexology
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Dive Deeper with us into Tantric Sexology

Stop Ejaculating and Score a Hat-Trick

A friend of mine just shared a story that happened a few years ago. He was inspired by our talk about the effect of non-ejaculation back then.

A few days later he was at work in a premiership football club.

A new player in the club that had some bad games and got a lot of critics came to talk to him.

"I just want to talk to you a bit since I find you very positive. Do you have some time to listen to me? ", the football player asked.

"Yes, I have time to listen to you", my friend said.

The player shared how he felt he didn't have energy. He had little self-confidence and because of that, he didn't perform very well. But he didn't know what to do. He was lost.

My friend said that by watching porn and ejaculating could lead to lower in energy and performance. Ejaculation will affect your nervous system - your dopamine level will be lower - and the effect of that is less motivation, and sharpness and power. If you watch a lot of porn, your oxytocin will be lower and you can be a bit depressed. Your testosterone levels will also be lower and you will have less strength and power.

"What if you try to at least not watch porn or ejaculate three days before the next match and see if it helps?" my friend asked him.

"Yes, I will try it," the player said,

A few days later, the football player scored a hat trick in the premiership match.....

His coach came to him after the match:

"What has happened with you, you were so full of power today?" the coach asked him.

"Well,........I don't really know.... I felt so much better for some reason...." the player responded.

So, some players have a secret of knowing about the power of keeping the semen. By the age of 35 years, this player is still doing great. Maybe the advice of my friend has helped his career...?

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By Paal Chr. Buntz. Tantric Sexologist founder and facilitator.