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Tantric Sexologist Embodiment Education

18-month Embodiment Training for both men and women. Become a certified Tantric Sexologist.

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Dive deeper with us into Tantric Sexuality


Womb, Heart & Relationship Clearing Meditation

Womb & Heart Clearing Meditation
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​Embodiment Practice -

A Taste of Kundalini Yoga

When you start the day on the yoga mat, where you consciously breathe, stretch and move your body, all these body fluids and cells will start cleaning and communicating with each other again. Your mood will gradually change.

You will prepare your nervous system, and you can start the day from a relaxed and embodied place. You can also, during the practice, set your intention for the day. Then it will be easier to be proactive during the whole day, focus on the essential things, and make your day amazing.


It is why I think Embodiment practices are one of the most important keys to having an extraordinary life.

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